Why choose Royalty Rendezvous?

Are you looking to bring some excitement to your dating life? Are you tired of spending your time on multiple dating site and not going on date? Have you been "Catfished"? Did you know that ONLY 17% of online dating users actually go on dates? We think its about time we changed that.

Royalty Rendezvous not only hosts themed Speed dating events but we host singles parties, couples events, blind dating, and bachelor/bachelorette competitions! We are all about putting the FUN back on your dating experience and finding you the love of your life!*

  • We have a unique diverse host of events that cater to all ethnicities and sexual orientations.

  • With Royalty Rendezvous' speed dating events, you will meet up to 15 matches in one single night! When you find your match, we'll contribute towards your first date!

  • Excellent customer service! All emails and phone calls are answered or returned the same day by the team. Please don't hesitate tip call with any problems, concerns, suggestions, or compliments( we LOVE those!)

Type of Events


Speed dating

- Quick! You've 3-4 minutes to meet and date up to 15 matches, After each date, mark on you match card which dates you like and which ones you'll pass. When you and a date match with one another, CONGRATULATIONS! It's a DATE! We'll exchange your information so you can continue communicating.

*If you don’t match with anyone, no worries. Your next date is 50% off your next ticket but you must bring a friend!*

Blind Date

- For all of my shy and risky daters. You and your date will both be blind folded during this event!


- 1 person, 3 daters. You get to ask all of your burning and personal questions to determine which date is your match. Did I mention we'll contribute to the date? You're welcome! Sign up now.


Couple's Battle Royale!

- For all of my shy and risky daters. You and your date will both be blind folded during this event!