Welcome to Royalty Rendezvous

Putting the Fun Back in Dating

CEO Jennifer Johnson

- Jennifer Johnson, Founder & CEO

With a degree in Psychology, Jennifer dreamed of becoming a therapist in hopes of helping people and providing clients with solution-based services. Putting her education to good use, Jennifer entered the world of social work for one of NYC's largest agencies for the last 5 years.

Like MANY if not MOST of you, Jennifer was a self-proclaimed "hopeless romantic". She even tried virtually all dating sites and apps, paid and free. She discovered that many sites lack diversity, are full of "Catfish", and are a complete waste of time. Not letting this defeat her, Jennifer incorporated her dating experiences and her love for entertainment to create Royalty Rendezvous. The birth of Royalty Rendezvous is to reignite face to face contact like the good ole' days, provide a fun creative environment, and true matchmaking experience for ALL. It's where you go to date, network, and create lasting relationships.

Long. Live. Love